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2700 TEU Two Sister ships delivered


2022-09-07 15:16

Two sister ships at 2700 TEU (CALIFORNIA TRADER & CAROLINA TRADER are delivered at 29TH Sep. at New Yangzi 1st Berth in Jiangsu Province .


Earlier this year, outfitting designer from shipyard and owner representative have attended Mock-up test prepared by factory. During the test, various loading conditions, typical bays and special locations, plus flexible container heights have all been examined, adjusted and finally approved.


So our finished portable lashing fittings would be smoothly delivered to ship.


Notably, these 2 ships closely follow the previous delivered 6 sisters of 1100TEU with the same owner and shipyard. Considering our reliable technical capability, products quality and reasonable pricing, final orders have once again been kindly awarded.


With so much thorough communication and precious experience gained during these projects, we have full confidence to extend our good cooperation in the future.


Two ships will sail in October, news said