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Haiyang 10 Successfully Launched in Guangzhou, South China


2022-09-07 15:15

Launching ceremony for HAI YANG DI ZHI SHI HAO (HULL NO. N 703) has been recently held in Guangzhou, China, and it has attracted national attention.


This ship is being constructed by COSCO (Guangdong) Shipyard, for China Geological Survey.


After final completion, estimated by the end of 2017, this ship will join force with it’s siblings (HAI YANG DI ZHI # 8, 9) being built in Shanghai, and forming a comprehensive fleet, dedicated to the sea exploration.


HAI YANG DI ZHI SHI HAO’s major dimension is LOA of 75.8M, Breath of 15.4M and Depth of 7.6M. With total displacement of 3400Tons, and endurance of 8000 nautical miles, this ship could sail on unlimited sea areas.


Notably, our experience and expertise have again been successfully employed on this ship


All lashing equipment to secure the modular equipment on board are specially designed and manufactured by us.


Hence, our close cooperation with COSCO Shipyard has been further strengthened and extended to vaster ship types, including Scientific research ships, live stock carriers and container ships, etc.