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Installation of container guide rails?


2022-09-07 15:15

Container guide is a very good development prospect in this field, because at the time of using the benefits for the enterprise, so favored by customers, in order to make people more familiar with it, then we have to discuss and container guide the installation of the relevant knowledge, hoping to bring more people to help.

The installation of the container guide includes the following steps. First, the manufacturing of the container guide includes the blanking of the plate guide and the Angle steel guide.Plane preassembly: the composite plate as the base surface, on the platform assembly of welded processed guide plate and guide rail;Another is to lift the ship guide rail ring installed in the guide rail whole upper quarter of the place, guide plate around each installed a ring, and do the corresponding reinforcement on the opposite side, the whole guide rail is lifted to the guide rail;For the guide rail with poor strength, the tobbleboard should be reinforced after the cladding plate;After the guide rails of subsequent ships are divided into two sections in the shipyard, they need to be corrected and connected into one section, and then hoisted into the assembly section.Installing container guide rails includes marking and installing guide rails.After the guide rail is assembled and formed, the whole is hung on the sliding table for installation;Guide rails for subsequent vessels shall be pre-installed on each transverse bulkhead after assembly.


The installation of container guide rails shall be completed after the installation of the slipway in the cargo area of the main hull is closed and welded, and the installation of container bases on the inner bottom plate and platform shall be completed after welding. The container foot bases related to the guide rails shall be coordinated.Crossed the specific steps are as follows, measure and record each hatch the length and width of the vertical degree, vertical degree of each vertical and horizontal bulkhead, every hatch's front-end and back-end lateral wall and the relative distance between container base, container base, floor installation position and size, vertical degree, and vertical and horizontal bulkhead each platform of middle distance and rib size,And the position and dimensions of rails and legs on and off the platform. Draw the positioning lines of each rail on each transverse bulkhead and longitudinal wall to ensure horizontal spacing between rails.Mark guide mounting lines at both ends of the bottom plate and the lower end of the transverse wall of each cabin and make samples on the marks.Measure and mark guide mounting line to hatch with laser theodolite.


The specific steps for installing a container guide rail are to first level and straighten the guide rail;Install the guide rail connected with the longitudinal wall on both sides;The welding Angle height between the entrance of the upper end of the guide rail and the baffle and the welding Angle height between the guide rail and the composite plate should be 10;The horizontal spacing accuracy of each guide between the guide plate should be L2460;Weld after checking the installation accuracy.Packing test is carried out before the hatch cover is loaded on board. 20ft and 40ft in the cargo hold.If consumers want to buy this kind of products, remember to shop around.This is an information age, you can directly search the relevant manufacturers on the Internet.