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CSSC Attends 2017 ISO Meetings in Paris


2022-09-08 17:40

As the 27th ISO Plenary meeting for TC 104 folded earlier this month, CSSC/KLS delegation has stepped on the global stage and spoken out Chinese voice once again successfully .


This time, Paris seems to be the perfect meeting place for it’s crispy weather and fresh air.


While inside the room, the ISO meeting has taken full throttle in discussing/debating all new opinions on lots of standards, e.g., ISO 3874, ISO 1161 etc.


Attending parties include Class representatives from Italy, Russia and China, Lashing equipment manufacturer-CSSC/KLS, Shipping Line as Maersk and also Delegation from the U.S.A.


With care for the industry, representative of CSSC (Main compiler of ISO 17905 ) has firmly put his ideas forward. 


‘It’s still not the right time to have Fully Automatic Twistlock to be included in the standard for container vessels or either we call for a faster all-round testing on all kinds of FALTS’


“We know nowadays many containers loss at sea were due to FATL’s failure to completely lock containers, so the reliability is one concern, plus, the Class societies haven’t reached a consensus on the testing method on it either...


Then, it’s clear to find how hasty it is to put FATL into wide use on container vessels up to now.


Apart from this controversial product, Chinese experts from CCS has also prepared impressive presentations about Corner castings, a crucial part of the container supporting systems, 95% of which is being manufactured by China.


‘It’s not just a 10-min presentation for applause, instead, it’s a big step to reshape the industry



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